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Face Painting

1 hour: $175.00

2 hours: $250.00

3 + hours:  $125.00 per hour

corporate rates:

5 or more hours $115.00 per hour


Pre-Natal Belly Painting

Starts at $150.00 and up depending on scope of design


Individual Sitting

(face only)
$50  and up– Ideal for special occasions
(Halloween, Game Day, Photo Shoot)
Custom design

Starts at $150.00 and up, depending on scope of design


Air Brush Temp Tattoos

1 hour: $175.00

2 hours: $250.00

3 + hours:  $125.00 per hour

corporate rates:

5 or more hours $115.00 per hour


Air Brush Realistic Temp Tattoos

starts at $175.00 per hour 


Body Painting

$135.00 per hour ~ family friendly. Arms, legs, shoulders.

Full Body painting ~$175.00 per hour up to 6 hours depending on scope of design


Balloon Twister

$125.00 to $175.00 per hour


Party Packages

  • Large Party Pkg.
    Perfect for parties with up to 15 guests (estimated 2 hours)
    $250 for a 2-hr. Party
    Quick and Super Quick designs. 
    A special custom design for the birthday guest only.
    1 - 15 guests

  • If needed and available, half hour may be added to accommodate up to 5 more guests

  •  Medium Party Pkg 
    $205. Medium Party.  Ideal for parties with up to 12 guests (estimated 1.5 to 2 hours) 
    A mix of Deluxe and Quick designs.
    A special custom design for the birthday guest only.

  • Small Party Pkg. (Mon.-Thurs., limited areas) Estimated Single Hour
    $175. (8 guests max)
    Deluxe Design choices. 
    A special custom design for the birthday guest only.



Fees for service may change at any time. We recommend contacting us for a quote. Quotes are good for 24 hours.

Corporate Events to the Public

Businesses planning to promote themselves at Fairs & Festivals, Community Events, and Grand Openings need a way to attract attention and bring people out to see them. Face Painting attracts crowds.

Get attention and have your event shared on social media by your guests by offering FREE Face Painting.

Own or Manage a Restaurant, Nightclub, or Retail Store and plan to have a Customer Appreciation Event?  What better way to guarantee people will show up than to offer FREE FACE PAINTING!

Hire All For A Face and you will have a line of people at your booth!

Face Paint is a great way to create a buzz and have a captive audience. 

Fascinating to watch!  Creates a buzz! 

Shared with friends on social media

Ask about services catering to

  • families

  • kids

  • teens / tweens

  • adults 


Corporate Events to the public

FACE PAINTING is a great way to show appreciation at company employee fairs, picnics and events.


Tips to reduce long lines

Corporate Free to Employee and Families/Free-To-Public/High Volume Events/School Events serve many guests. While not everyone wants face painting, there is ALWAYS a line. When planning your event, consider how many attendees you are expecting and how many of them are children.

Face painters can only paint so many persons in an hour.  To reduce the wait and accommodate your guests you may need more than one painter even if you book multiple hours. For example an elementary school of 400 would need 4 to 5 painters at a 2 hour event. 5x20x2=200 guests being painted.  The number of students being painted in the above example increases if the designs are simple, fast and limited in choice. Providing a volunteer line manager also speeds up the time it takes to paint each child. Having a separate "admiration station" (mirror) at a location away from the artist's chairs encourages kids to get up quickly and look at their 'new face' at that station. (We provide the mirror.) These options do not speed up the painting time but they do speed up the time it takes to choose a design and to get in and out of the chair. Sometimes that takes longer than the actual painting.

  • $115 per hour / per artist - 3 hr. Minimum.  Under 3 hours $135.00 Up to 40 guests per hour / per artist

  • Super Quick designs

  • ***Line Manager Strongly Recommended*** 

  • Holiday Weekends:  Rates Vary, Call for custom quote.

  • Reservation Fee Required:    50% of total is due to book an event.

  • Restaurants - Call for a personalized quote and discounts.

  • Call regarding weekday Pre-School/Daycare party rates

  • Discounts:
    5+ Hrs (same day) = 10% off

  • Call Re: Multiple Bookings Discount

Of Note

Please have a table (minimum 6 ft. wide) and two hard chairs set up per artist (away from food, pets, petting zoo, cotton candy machines, bubbles, and music speakers). If you do not have a table and chairs, please let me know. We will provide them for a small fee. See below. An adult should ALWAYS be present to keep order and help ensure that faces are clean and hair is pulled away from the face before the child sits down to be painted.

If your event is being held outdoors, a well-lit shelter with a solid roof must be provided on level dry ground for protection against sun, rain ,wind and debris. If one is not available, it is required that you pay the additional canopy fee of $75.00. This must be arranged when you initially reserve services. Trees do not qualify as sufficient shelter. 

Communication is Key! Please keep me updated if any details change.

Extended Travel:                 
$1.00 per mile (each way)  
First 30 miles are free.

Canopy Rate: $75. (per event)
Proper shelter must be provided at outdoor events to avoid this charge.

Canopy, Table and 2 Chairs:  105$ (per event)