What to Know Before You Book


What You Can Expect for your private party or event-

When you book, if I am unavailable I may offer another comparable artist who is available. If I have an artist in training available, I will offer their service at a reduced rate depending on their skill level. Sometimes this is not possible.  Rates may change so it is best to get a quote. Quotes are good for 24 hours.

You can expect a PROFESSIONAL service. I will arrive at your event at least 15 - 20 minutes early. most times earlier. Any balance owed is due upon my arrival. (This is really important as I need to leave promptly for my next appointment.) In most cases I will have a design board with choices of age appropriate designs for the children to choose from. If your party has a theme, please let me know ahead of time. Some themes can be incorporated into the design choices and some can not.

If your private event is held at a public place, like a Park, Skating Rink, Bowling Alley, Zoo, Chuck-E-Cheese, etc; I will provide wrist-tickets or hand stamps to ensure that only your guests get painted.

At approximately 15 minutes before my time ends I will announce that I have time for 3 more people. I will pack up when my time is up. With your permission, I will distribute my business cards to the adult attendees prior to leaving or ask that they be inserted into the goody bags.

What I Expect From You - 

Please remind your guests the face painter will have a limited time to get everyone painted. I MUST leave on time to maintain my schedule and arrive at my next destination. I am unable to stay longer even if guests arrive late or if you have more guests than were expected. (If you do have more guests than expected let me know right away; ~ I will try to accommodate everyone.) Please Note: If you reserve my services for only two hours, then later decide you require a longer amount of time, I may not be able to accommodate you. Since 95% of events take place on the weekends, chances are there is another event scheduled after yours (with just enough time to get there). If I do not have another event scheduled, I will be happy to extend my services at the prices listed on the rates page - minimum time is 30 minutes extra. 

Please have a table (minimum 4 ft. wide) and two hard chairs set up (away from food, pets, petting zoo, bubble machines, cotton candy and music speakers). If you do not have a table and chairs, please let me know and I will bring my own. If I bring my own, I will need ample space to set up - (7ft. x 4ft. minimum). I prefer to set-up against a wall if possible. Please assign a guest to keep track of who gets painted next (teenagers are perfect for this task). I should not be expected to keep track of who arrived first or track down who is next, I must concentrate on what I am doing for safety reasons. If children start crowding me and touching my supplies, I cannot work efficiently. This will not only affect the quality of the designs, but it will also slow things down and compromise the amount of faces that get painted within the allotted time. An adult should ALWAYS be present to keep order and help ensure that faces are clean and hair is pulled away from the face before the child sits down to be painted.

If your event is being held outdoors, a well-lit shelter with a solid roof must be provided on level dry ground for protection against sun, rain, wind and debris. If one is not available, it is required that you pay the additional canopy fee of $75.00. This must be arranged when you initially reserve services. Trees do not qualify as sufficient shelter. 

Communication is Key! Please keep me updated if any details change.